Friday, April 8, 2011

Some Things Will Never Get Better. But They Might Get Kissed.

The gospel can be hard as diamond, painful as fire.

God comes, God does the best he can, God gets himself killed.

Of course, we all know he came back, but only to a few people and then he flew away. Some comeback. What's that they say about comedy and tragedy tangled in the same tree?

I labored a long time under the illusion that a faithful life would eventually be rewarded. Disciplines properly followed would yield abundant earthly rewards. Jesus, a good investment.

This isn't true. This is harder than the truth. Cruel even. Because life doesn't bear it out.

I haven't had many prayers answered. I have been hit. Left. Choked. Tricked.
I have lost gifts, humor, money, mind, friends.
I have cheated, stolen, lied, passed out, woken up to pass out again. Misspelled my lover's name.

The truth is this, some things will never come back.
Discipleship may go from dark to dark to death.

We will experience permanent loss in this life, not eventual gain. This is the gospel we have to tell.
None other.

Even God still has his scars. The bloody lamb opens the book.

Grieve. Remember. Tell stories. You can never go back to it. Whatever it was. A tea cup.

                                                                                                                                       A punchline.


                           A father.

Life can be very long. Let yourself be kissed, one night at a time.


jessi knippel said...


once again i am blessed by reading your words! thank you so much for offering reminds me of the beauty that can flicker in the dark and that there are those little things which offer breath in the midst of the night.

Shannon said...

your brave sweet words mean so much to me. thank you!

Chase said...

Thank you Shannon

erika said...

Lian said...

Beautiful, Shannon.
I love what you're doing on here, man.

"The bloody Lamb opens the book"

Wish we could sit down and talk about it.


stacy pietsch said...

keep writing!!