Saturday, December 25, 2010

Short Thoughts #3: Fashion(chr)ista

I think that fashion can be a grace of Christ. I know the difficulties with this. I believe it nonetheless. Fashion can be a invitation to wear something of our secret names right on the skin. Something crazy, something subtle. Holy curtains over holy bodies. 
Ah, this life!  A million ways to say a single name. A place to see and be seen.
       Evil fights hard against this delight (as it does all delights). We get seduced into wearing logos. We are shamed and give in to trends. We get scared to show skin and curve. 
We begin to think size matters. 
We stop being the odd beautiful amateur artists of the body that we know ourselves to be. 
        Or evil simply takes the clothes altogether. (Did you think the only tragedy was exposure to the elements?)
Like I said, I know the difficulties with this idea. 
However, here we are in a time when one exuberant outfit can wake up a world.

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Holly Priscilla said...

Oo, good word. Wearing our secret names........I might add the notion of the trend as possible communal, creative movement?? Given, I'm sure there are degrees of 'life-giving' trends, depending on what works for each person, too. But to never participate in a trend, whether yesterday's or tomorrow's, one would have to try too hard, no?