Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Short Thoughts #4: Reality Show Drugs

I, too, have crunked to reality shows. The postmodern colosseum. Daughters and sons that I barely know embroiled in quickly digestible drama. But good drama is never quickly digestible.
I watch them and train my teeth for biting.
This one’s a bitch, that one’s a hero.
Or borderline. Or narcissistic. Or selfish.
And all the while my soul is practicing how to kill with words and find enemies.
My own prayer for mercy forgotten.
How do I stop network editors from becoming my spiritual advisors? How do I resist the urge to hate and label the adolescent adults splayed out across my screen? Vain and bearing, as much as anyone, the image of God.


Lana Shaw said...

Good thoughts friend.

Holly Priscilla said...

Smart and true. Damn you're good!