Sunday, March 20, 2011

Word to live by: Job 38:37

Who has the wisdom to count the clouds? - God

This sentence burns deep in the middle of my little heart. Gerard M. Hopkins filled his diary with descriptions of clouds. The old, absurd poet who scribbled Job, broken and wiser than the other friends, has God come down in a whirlwind and ask these types of questions.
I can't think of anything more severe and beautiful.

Clouds are too soon dying works of art - as unique as any mountain or continent.

Who has the wisdom to count these things? I try.

On my best days I slow down.

I watch the sky and see clouds bloom and disappear knowing that each has a name, and that rarely heard.

Birth and death slowly blowing over our own little births and our own little deaths.
Our little dancefloors, our little hospital rooms.

I guess clouds are icons. They are dramas of the crucified God. Slow beauty explosions that can't last forever on our whirling earth. The winds are simply too strong and the world is such a dry place in need of rain.

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