Monday, March 28, 2011

Something for Someone: Isadora Duncan, the inventor of modern dance (1877-1927)

she was magic incarnate. the wildness of lost punctuation. she broke norms. she broke boundaries. she broke hearts.
apparently, she was killed in a car accident when her scarf, typically long, got tangled around the open wheel. she was pulled down. her neck broke.

awful, i know.

this story is a fierce, sad and strange one, especially for a dancer.

the gravity that she had defied,
then coerced into loving,
then defied again, agile and powerful.
that carried her through the air, at a tenuous peace with her and her legs, arms and lungs and stomach in front of the awe struck world. flashbulbs and all.

that gravity is what took her life.

isadora. what tragedy.

question for god:
why are we often killed by what we love the most?


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